Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Meet the participants of the #LlandeiloBookFair / #LlandeiloLitFest 2017: Sue Moules

I'm delighted to present to you another author who will be joining us at the Book Fair in Llandeilo for the very first time: Sue Moules. 

“Sue Moules’ poems combine a poet’s eye for the small details of domestic life with a deep interest in histories both personal and universal. Her lyrical imagery and her empathy with lives fulfilled and unfulfilled mean that her work is delightfully aware of the numinous beyond the everyday. “  Elin ap Hywel

I am bringing my poetry collections to the book fair: In the Green Seascape, (Lapwing), The Earth Singing, (Lapwing) Mirror Image (Headland) and The Moth Box (Parthian). My poems are accessible and inspired by the landscape and my life in West Wales.

” ’Lives made out of lives’ is the heartbeat which lives on in the work of Sue Moules, and in these vibrant poems we have a rich tapestry where even the underside is carefully woven and deserves to see the light. I like the very vivid sense of colours, rich throughout the volume”. Menna Elfyn

I have lived in Wales for over forty years and feel rooted here, although I’m always conscious that I am an incomer. I feel that being an outsider is the role of the poet, being on the edge of things.

“Sue Moules underscores the portraits, memories and close observations of her changing world with a sense of life’s brevity, its “wave against the shortening beach”. A genuine humanity illuminates ‘In the Green Seascape’”.  Paul Henry.

I like buying books and have to confess that I don’t read them all. I love the smell of paper and print and enjoy going into bookshops with that powerful newness of words. I also enjoy second hand bookshops; having worked in one I know they have personalities and a charm. The books there have been read and loved. Their pages aren’t pristine, but they have that brown smell of memory. My favourite book is always the last one I’ve bought, or the one I’m reading now.

All my poetry collections are available on Amazon and The Moth Box is available from Parthian press-www.parthianbooks.com

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