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Meet the participants of the 2017 Book Fair / Hwyl Llandeilo LitFest : Kate Glanville

Today we're kick-starting a series of short interviews to introduce to you the authors participating at this year's book fair. Some are familiar faces, while others are going to showcase their work for the first time in Llandeilo.

Don't tell anyone, but today is Kate's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Kate! Please tell us about the books you’ll be bringing to the Book Fair.

I have written three novels A Perfect Home 2014) Heartstones (2014) and Stargazing (2016)

Which genres do they belong to?

They are contemporary romantic thrillers though Heartstones is partly historical - the story of a young girl in 1940’s Ireland is intertwined with that of her granddaughter in the present day.

What are the characters and plots like?

The books tend to have central femail leading characters. I try to create believable, feisty woman as the heroines with many flaws and weaknesses,  but though none of them are perfect I hope they are all likeable and that their journey is compelling!. The plots contain life's inevitable search for love but I try to incorporate mysteries that need to be solved and aspire to create page turning suspense. I try to incorporate humour but also cover topics such as domestic abuse, adultery, divorce, bereavement and it has been pointed out that cakes feature rather alot!

Tell us about your newest book. 

 Stargazing is about a marriage that collapses after forty years. It is told from the perspective of  three women - the wife, the daughter and the lover of the husband who leaves the beautiful home he and his wife have created to live with a younger woman with a mysterious past. His daughter is determined to get her parents back together again and find out the secrets of her father’s mistress. Her investigations put the whole family in a life threatening situation.

Which of your books are you most proud of, and why?

I am proud of them all - A Perfect Home because it was the first and I proved to myself that I could finish writing a novel! Heartstones because I created a village in the South West of Ireland that I would love to visit myself and it touched on stories from my own Anglo- Irish family. Stargazing because it tackled gritty issues around domestic abuse and adultery but still manages to be funny and uplifting! I also enjoyed the challenge of writing three different heroines and seeing situations from their alternate points of view.

What is the best thing that has been said about your books?

I wrote A Perfect Home in longhand. No one even knew I was writing a book so it was with trepidation that I  gave it to someone in my village to type up - when she gave me back the manuscript she said ‘it’s better than the library book I’m reading at the moment.’ - I was thrilled!

Why did you decide to come to the Llandeilo Book Fair?

Because it’s lovely to meet readers and other authors and Christoph is so fantastic at organising and getting everyone inspired!

Do you have a special connection to Wales?

I have lived in Wales for 25 years this year - longer than anywhere else Ive ever lived. I can honestly say that I hope I stay here for the rest of my life - beautiful countryside, coastline and people - why would I ever want to leave?

What is your personal background?

I was born in Sierra Leone to Irish parents and grew up mostly in Bristol. I did a degree in fashion design at St Martins College of Art in London and for 25 years have had a business painting pottery. I have always love writing and my head has always been full of stories but I was terrible at spelling and couldn’t type and the stories just seemed to get stuck in my head rather than on the page. When I became 40 I decided to try really hard and actually try to achieve my literary dreams - and now I am achieving them it’s wonderful.

Who are your favourite authors?

Ive always been a big fan of Maeve Binchy and Edna O’Brian. Ruth Rendell and PD James fuel my darker side and Isabel Allende always manages to touch my heart.

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Kate will not only be part of the book fair both days, Sat and Sun April 29 and 30th in the Civic Hall, but she will also talk about her books with fellow author Brenda Squires on Thursday 27 April at the Angel Inn at 7pm

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