Friday, 6 May 2016

Call for applicants to the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair

The First Llandeilo Book Fair last weekend has been such a great success that I have succumbed to the pressure of organising another one, and to doing so sooner, rather than waiting for another year.13119740_1091090187580860_3565965637614321087_o
So the date booked at the Civic Hall is Saturday 10th of December. 
I have already more authors interested than I can accommodate – even if we ‘double up’ on some of the tables – and I might have to make some tough decisions in that respect.13131097_775001345934774_6365350776596955595_o (1)
If you are an author and want to participate, please email me with the following details:
Your author name, 
your location, 
number of books published and their genre,
language of your books (we had enquiries for Welsh language books),_DSF0772
links to your books on Amazon and/ or your website,
and any contributions to the programme you could make, i.e. readings, talks, workshops etc.
Please send your email to within the next six weeks by June 15th13082516_10209511853302193_86776176858357655_n
Even if you already expressed an interest before, please send me an email to make sure this is recorded now, that an actual event is planned.
Priority will be given to

* local and Welsh language authors
 (especially those who missed out on the first Book Fair), 13116117_10154111069195890_3030147215879274381_o
* those instrumental in the organisation of the last event,
* authors with new books and large portfolios which complement the range of genres on offers for our readers
*authors who are prepared to share a table
I aim to match the high quality of books and wide range of genres and events on as we had 13076619_10153541932055823_1056563089052390969_n13118923_10153541932100823_274786774233657391_n_DSF077713091966_10153541932145823_2840402784509190193_non offer on April 30th.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016