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The Llandeilo X-Mas Book Fair in Pictures and Review

15069158_1255388731194546_2608188367540591925_oOn Dec 10th the second Llandeilo Book Fair took place at the Civic Hall. It had a lovely Christmas theme and the town of Llandeilo continued its marvellous tradition of supporting the arts. Despite heavy rain there was a reasonable footfall an15493730_10153868506042132_6044812924487945261_od the characteristic positive vibe in the hall. Many of the over 30 authors present had dressed up for the occasion, festive music added to the atmosphere and the popular "Hangout at the Yard" offered delicious refreshments. 15327500_10153868348822132_4609684603723834833_nEvery half hour a different events lured some of the audience to the upstairs event room throughout the day for performances ranging from interactive story telling, poetry open mic and author readings. On this occasion the organisers put particular emphasis on 'Welsh'. Almost all authors present live in South Wales, and books with a Welsh theme or location were plenty afoot. 81ae2-hiraeth-a-loss-front-cover-artworkLiz Riley-Jones read from her Hiraeth Trilogy - introduced in Welsh, Graham Watkins read from his popular book"Welsh Legends and Myths", Wendy White from her children's book "Welsh Cakes and Custard" and Christoph Fischer read from his Carmarthen-set mystery "The Body in the Snow." The fair marked the first Welsh language poem recital competition, which was won by Catrin Duff. The poetry open mic, also a first at the fair, was exceedingly popular and featured some excellent preformances and poems. 15492084_10153868347912132_4688218024905711417_nSpecial thanks should be given to the Mayor, Colin Jenkins, who opened the event and voiced his appreciation for the author-led initiative and the community spirit it oozed. We collected £71 in aid of the Air Ambulance Wales through raffle tickets with donations from local businesses: Organica, Scorpio, In Stitches, Heavenly Chocolate, Cuckoo's Nest, Papillon Interiors, The Little Welsh Dresser, Deb's Wool Shop, Coffor Bach, Eve's Toy Shop, The Dragon's Garden and Craft's   "A Christmas to Remember" by Theo Duncan from Bro Dinefwr School won best Short story, with an Award Certificate and a Kindle Fire as prize. Further winners were: "Sheep for Reindeer" by Daisy Ayscough (Second in the Youth Category) "A Christmas Tale" by Lorna Wright (First in the Youth Category) "The Ghost of Christmas future" by Robert Radnor.  (Second in the Senior Category) "War and Toys" by David Beach (First in the Senior Category) There were many other strong contenders in the competition, showing that there is a future generation to carry on the tradition of great story telling in Wales. The standard of stories in all categories was incredibly high and the judges had a tough time settling on the winners. 0eaad-iron2bmaster2bpublicity2bshot15492207_10153868348132132_1240584796181279206_n I would like to add a personal thanks to Sally Spedding and Graham Watkins for the publicity for the event, Thorne Moore for15110487_1705933399735447_682341142186049372_o designing the programme leafelt, Lesley Prosser and Ryan Cheal for their organisational help and Sarah Jane Butkins for organising the gift wrapping service and manning the 15400377_10153868348897132_1234662097178171846_ndoor with her lovely daughters. The authors on display were well received. Llandeilo has shown itself a supportive community when it comes to local talent and a place where art and culture can thrive. Building on the great interest in the event and its performances, we're proud to announce that plans for a Llandeilo LitFest are well underway with a mixture of small and big names from Llandeilo and South Wales. The Festival will take place April 27th - 30th 2017 in Llandeilo and feature a book fair, readings, ticketed evening and daytime events, workshops and much more. image001-1
Hwyl Llandeilo Lit Fest
April 27 - 30 2017
E-mail: Twitter:   @LlandeiloLitfest
Llandeilo LitF Fest NatWest Account No:75553198 Sort Code 53-7031
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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Meet the participants of tomorrow's #Llandeilo Book Fair: Josephine Hammond

Born in 1953 in London but brought up in West Africa and educated in boarding school, Josephine Hammond went on to University College London where she graduated with a degree in French and Italian. After working briefly in France she settled into married life in England and had four sons, three of whom are triplets. She taught languages for many years then, after moving to Pembrokeshire, escaped into her own business selling hampers of local produce by mail order as well as taking an MA in Creative Writing at Trinity College Carmarthen.

She has published three books, Battle in Iraq, about World War 1 and the part played by her grandfather, Adelina Patti, Queen of Song, and most recently Wilderness & Paradise about women explorers of the Arabian desert. She is a regular speaker at the Tenby Arts Festival giving talks on a range of different artists the latest one being about Jos├ęphine Baker and has given talks to Creative Writing groups, WWDFAS and the King George Fund for Sailors

Meet the participants of tomorrow's #Llandeilo Book Fair: Sarada Thompson

Sarada is an Indian artist and writer, resident in the U.K. since 1973 and in Wales since 1990. Born in Singapore she worked as a journalist for local newspapers. When she arrived in London, she looked set to read law, but then spent the next two decades raising a family; writing for the Northampton and Milton Keynes weeklies during this time.
She has exhibited her artwork in various venues in England and Wales and offered story-telling workshops through art, drama and writing in schools and universities; and also art therapy for mental health patients. The Hindu Story-Telling workshops also involved writing, as part of the National Curriculum in schools, colleges and universities.
Sarada has won awards in mini-tales in the ‘National Association of Writers’ Groups’ in Durham, the ‘Travel Award’ in 2009 and the ‘President’s Award’ in 2010 in the local writers’ circle and has had a few of her short stories published in both the University’s Anthology ‘Shadow Plays’ in 2010 and more recently in the local writer's group's ‘Athena’.
Most recently Sarada has published 'Meenakshi Devi -The Green Goddess -The Warrior Princess', the illustrated story of the famous ruler of Madurai, 'Savitri' and 'Ganesha - Ten Tales'.  She is a regular contributor to: www.

For more information please visit or our facebook page:

Meet the participants of the #Llandeilo Book Fair: Dr Jen Llywelyn

Dr Jen Llywelyn wrote her PhD thesis on George M. Ll. Davies (1880-1949), a charismatic and complex man; he is still revered by many in Wales as a pacifist and peace-maker, who went to prison for his beliefs. Jen was born in Gloucestershire, but her Welsh blood called her to move here in 1997. She lives in rural Ceredigion, has learned Welsh, and is a writer and editor. She loves her family, her cat, jazz, art, and reading.

Twitter: @Penbrynhir

Welsh born blogger and writer Hugh Roberts recently moved back to Abergavenny. He writes about all kinds of everyday life and what it brings. He has always enjoyed writing and does not allow the fact that he suffers from a mild form of dyslexia to stop him writing.

An author of short stories, Hugh is hoping to publish his first book of short stories in 2016. He has also started writing his first novel which is based around his life when he first moved to London.

He leads a very happy and positive life which he shares with his Civil Partner, John, and their Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Toby. 

On his blog he writes about life, because he finds it so fascinating and has also recently got interested in photography. You will also find some of his short stories, poetry and photography on his blog. He is a huge supporter of other writers, authors and bloggers and very much enjoys becoming a member of their blogging communities.




Meet the participants of the #Llandeilo Book Fair: Sharon Tregenza

Sharon Tregenza is an award winning children’s author. She was born and brought up in Cornwall but has lived in several countries including, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.

Her debut novel “TARANTULA TIDE” won the Kelpie’s Prize and the Heart of Hawick Award. “THE SHIVER STONE” is a children’s mystery/adventure set in Pembrokeshire, and is published by Firefly Press. It was short listed for the Tir na n-Og and the Somerset Teachers Award.

At 1:00 p.m. Sharon eads from her Middle Grade/Mystery Adventure “Shiver Stone”

Sharon has an MA in Creative Writing and another MA in Writing for Young People. She is a member of the Society of Authors, The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Scattered Authors Society.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Everything you need to know about the #Llandeilo X-Mas Book Fair, this Saturday Dec 10th

13029662_1689809881271994_4234272720636115043_oThe Book Fair will start at 9:45am with music by the Llandeilo Town Band and the official opening by the Mayor.  You can find the Civic Hall on Crescent Road, next to the main town car park.  There will be signs throughout town to gfc349-posteruide you. The day will be filled with performances, readings and events for the entire family. PROGRAMME:   9:45 am: The Llandeilo Town Band will kickstart the day with festive music and the town Mayor will open the event officially.14509147_10153791704897327_2015750842_n 10:00 am: Book Fair opens with Hayley Addis: “The Goblin Circus” (children & adults) reworking fairy-tales 10:45 am: Will MacMillan Jones presents his ‘Enchanted Darkness,’ a performance for children and adults.9b2e4-welsh_cakes_and_custard 11:15 am: Wendy White, ‘Tir-nan-Og’ winner, reads from her children's book 'Welsh Cakes and Custard.' 11:45 am: Hugh W. Roberts reads “What If Summer Never Arrives” from his brand new book “Glimpses” 12:15 am: Colin R. Parsons reads his Christmas Story “Norman's Christmas Spirit” 12:45 am: Short Story Competition Award Ceremony. images-23 1:00 p.m. Sharon Tregenza reads from her Middle Grade/Mystery Adventure “Shiver Stone” 1:00 p.m. Carol Lovekin reads from her magical novel ‘Ghostbird.’ 8d87e-willow2bcoco2bsanta2bkindle2bsm2b1:30 pm: Rachel McGrath reads from her children’s book ‘Willow and Coco meet Santa.’ 2:00 pm: Poetry Readings. (Open Mic) download-2 2:30pm:  Welsh Poem Recital Competition. 3:00 pm: Liz Riley-Jones reads from her Celtic fantasy novel ' Hiraeth a burden - baich' and talks about the significance of the Welsh Language in it.81ae2-hiraeth-a-loss-front-cover-artwork 3:30 pm: Graham Watkin reads from his best-selling mythology collection ‘Welsh Legends and Myths.’ a4a17-welsh2bl2band2bm2bfront2bcover2bdraft2b2 4:00 pm: Kate Glanville reads from her novel ‘Stargazing.’ 4:30 pm: Christoph Fischer reads from his Carmarthenshire-set murder mystery ‘The Body In The Snow.’ 17:00: Book Fair closes with the announcement of Raffle Prize winners. Donations were received from many local businesses: Organica, Scorpio, Cuckoo's Nest, Heavenly Chocolate, Deb's Wool, Coffor Bach, Dragon's Garden, In Stitches, Eve's Toy Shop, The Little Welsh Dresser, Papillon, Crafts Alive.ea9a1-15181591_10153830343087132_6351907246076881168_n Catering by THE HANGOUT at the YARD Llandeilo (traditional, healthy and vegetarian options)   Gift Wrapping in aid of the Air Ambulance all day long   download-3

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Meet the participants of the #Llandeilo Book Fair: Julie McGowan

Experienced writer Julie McGowan has had 4 books published as well as numerous short stories and features in women’s magazines and national publications.  She also writes drama and panto scripts. Her 2nd  novel has just been published in Germany by Random House and her 3rd novel, set in Wales, has topped the Amazon Kindle charts.


Twitter:  @juliemcg1

Meet the Participants of the #Llandeilo Book Fair: Sarah Jane Butfield

Sarah Jane Butfield is an award-winning author of travel and nursing memoirs. In addition, to her writing, she also works as freelance columnist, blogger and mentor to new authors at Rukia Publishing.


blog :