Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Introducing the authors and speakers of the Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair Dec 9th: Sally Spedding

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This year's book fair will be a bit like a Mini Lit Fest with readings accompanying the book fair. Sally Spedding (no stranger to Llandeilo and its festivals) will be showcasing her books at the Horeb Chapel on the day of the book fair, Sat Dec 9th, but she will also be reading in the Red Cross Book Shop at 1:00 from “Behold a Pale Horse”.

This is a literary thriller, set mainly in docklands London and Collioure in Roussillon in 1983, with a tragic, historical backstory involving the purge of the Knights Templar in 1307. Clement and Catherine's new marriage is a sham, and her one, reckless false move will change their lives for ever.



frontcover_ver8_900.jpegSally Spedding’s carefully constructed novel successfully straddles time and space.  The mood becomes increasingly chilling as the two narratives relentlessly swirl together and create a turbulent gothic vortex into which the protagonists are irresistibly pulled.  The book explores the fragility of love and humanity as medieval Europe’s apocalyptic mindset gallops into the twentieth century with brutal and destructive consequences.  Having previously read Spedding’s The Yellowhammer’s Cradle I expected Behold A Pale Horse to be a thought-provoking journey into the macabre.  I was not disappointed and this book will appeal to readers who, like me, enjoy haunting thrillers in dystopian settings.

Reviewer: Dorothy Marshall-Gent  MYSTERY PEOPLE


Sally Spedding is the author of ten crime novels, also ‘Strangers Waiting,’ a short story collection and ‘How to Write a Chiller Thriller.’ Her latest crime chiller, ‘Behold a Pale Horse,’ set in France and London, is out now. Her backlist, ‘Wringland,’ Cloven,’ ‘A Night With No Stars,’ ‘Prey Silence ’ and ‘Come and be Killed’ will be published by Endeavour Press as paperbacks and e-bks. ‘Cut to the Bone’ (2015) has been optioned for film, and will be shot in Jamaica in 2018.
She is also an award-winning poet.


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