Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Our next events

Towards the end of this year 
Llandeilo Lit Fest 
Carmarthenshire Libraries 
are organising a series of 
Book Fairs in 
Llanelli Library, 
Ammanford Library, 
Carmarthenshire Library and one in 

Provisionary dates are:
Carmarthenshire October 21st - Carmarthen Library
Ammanford October 28th - Ammanford Library
Llanelli - November 4th - Llanelli Library
Llandeilo - December 9th - Llandeilo Library and/or Shire Hall and Horeb Chapel

The Llandeilo Lit Fest will be held April 27 - 29th 2018.

There will be another Book Fair on Saturday 28th April at the Civic Hall.
If you are interested in participating in any of the events please email LLandeiloLitFest@mail.com

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