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Meet the participants of the #LlandeiloBookFair / #LlandeiloLitFest: Sarah Jane Butfield

Sarah Jane is a multi-facetted author and well-known in Llandeilo. This will be her third appearance at the Llandeilo Book Fair, this time presenting her newest book and being part of the LitFest programme. 
Sunday April 30th at 5pm at the Angel Inn
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£5,90 Sarah Jane ButfieldSarah will share her experience in memoir writingDon’t we all have a story to tell? Isn’t there a book in all of us? Maybe not one of made-up stories but one of our experience and our truth?
Sarah Jane Butfield yn trafod ysgrifennu hunangofiant.
Welcome back to Llandeilo, Sarah-Jane. Please tell us about the books you’ll be bringing to the Book Fair.

My travel and culinary memoirs set in Australia and France
Glass Half Full Our Australian Adventure 
Two Dogs and a Suitcase Clueless in Charente
Our Frugal Summer in Charente An expats kitchen garden journal
My nursing memoirs - The Nomadic Nurse Series
Ooh Matron
Bedpans to Boardrooms

Which genres do they belong to? 

Non fiction, travel and nursing memoirs

Tell us about your newest book. 

Bedpans to Boardrooms which is book 2 in The Nomadic Nurse Series. Here is the synopsis:

Is Sarah Jane playing with fire?

Hold on tight, this is not what we expected to happen to the fun loving career nurse we met in Ooh Matron!
Sarah Jane's life is set to be turned upside down as she juggles the pursuit of her nursing career with the roles of wife and mother. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and calls for a variety of sacrifices and compromises to keep a career and family life on track. It's a journey that sees Sarah Jane dealing with childbirth, bereavement, divorce, miscarriage and child custody issues at the hands of a real life Casanova! 

Which of your books are you’re most proud of, and why? 

My first book Glass Half Full as it was written as a carthartic exercise and it kickstarted my writing career.

What is the best thing that has been said about your books? 

I think having my travel memoirs compared to Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart is a huge honour and endorsement.

Why did you decide to come to the Llandeilo Book Fair? 

Attending the Llandeilo book fair last April was my first visit as an author to a book fair and I loved the experience. Networking with authors and physically meeting readers is awesome.

Do you have a special connection to Wales? 

I moved to ~Wales in 2013 when my eldest daughter and her Welsh partner decided to settle here. They have since had a beautiful baby boy, my first grandson and they are no expecting a little girl in June. Wales is now home for all of us.

What is your personal background? 

I have been a qualified nurse for the majority of my professional life in addition to being a wife, mother, step-mother and now a grand-mother of three. My writing career started in 2013 when I decided to share our experiences of Australia after the Brisbane floods of 2011.

Who are your favourite authors?

I read and enjoy books of all genres by independent authors. Some of my favourites include Christoph Fischer, Randy Williams and Gerry McCullough

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