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Meet the participants of the #Llandeilo X-Mas Book Fair: Kate Glanville


Kate Glanville was born in West Africa to Irish parents. Kate now lives in rural West Wales with her three children, a dog, four cats and three sheep. She graduated with a degree in fashion design at Central St. Martins and worked in the textile industry before becoming a ceramic artist. Kate’s tableware designs have been sold in shops and galleries all over the world including Liberty, Conran Shop, Fortnum & Masons and Fired Earth. Among her many customers Kate has produced work for The Prince of Wales, Madonna, Roger Daltry and Robbie Williams. Despite a successful career as a visual artist Kate has been writing stories since the age of eight. Terrible spelling and bad handwriting meant that her literary career was rather slow in developing!
Her first novel, A Perfect Home, was published by Penguin U.S. in August 2012 and Accent Press in 2014.
Heartstones was published by Accent Press in 2014 and Baste Lubbe in Germany in 2015. It has also been published in Norway.

Kate also designed our wonderful Logo:


Her third novel, Stargazing, was published by Accent Press in January 2016 and also by Bastee Lubbe in Germany in 2016. It is available in Waterstones and WH Smith nationwide.
Stargazing Novel by Kate GlanvilleStargazing is told through the eyes of three women, a wife, a daughter and a mistress. They all have something to hide. When Nesta’s husband leaves her on the day of their Ruby Wedding anniversary a chain of events begin that will change the lives of the three women forever.
Secrets can drag anyone back to earth…Three women, connected by one man: Daniel is father to Seren, husband to Nesta and lover to Frankie. When he leaves Nesta and their beautiful home in the middle of the party to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary Seren’s world begins to crumble. Only the continuation of the family ideal can make things right. But Nesta isn’t so sure. And for Frankie, Daniel offers hope of a safe and secure future. But all three women are carrying secrets that they’ve kept hidden even from those closest to them. Secrets that might even threaten a life…
Accent Press book publishers

Heartstones novel by Kate GlanvilleHEARTSTONES

Her second novel, Heartstones, published by Accent Press is available as a paperback from Waterstones and Amazon it is available as an e-book through Amazon and itunes. The book has been translated into Norwegian and German and published in Norway by Cappelen Damm and Germany by Bastee Lubbe  in 2013. 
Heartstones novel by Kate GlanvilleSet in a beautiful Irish coastal village, the legacy of a passionate affair is revealed in this stunning novel. Heartstones is a novel about secrets. Set in contemporary Ireland the story is intertwined with one set in 1940’s. In both past and present it seems that everybody has something to hide. When Phoebe’s married lover dies in a car accident she dare not openly express her grief for fear of their affair being found out. Heart broken she leaves her life in England to search out the old boathouse bequeathed to her by her Irish grandmother.
Enthralled by the stunning scenery of the West Coast of Ireland she soon finds herself swept up by life in the nearby village of Carraigmore. When she discovers a collection of her grandmother’s old diaries hidden beneath the boat house floorboards she becomes immersed in a story of family scandal, repressed sexuality and a passionate affair between her grandmother and a young Irish artist. As Phoebe tries to piece together the truth about her grandmother’s past she begins to realise that the repercussions of what happened all those years before have shaped not only her own life but the lives of those in the small community around her. With many questions unanswered Phoebe sets out to find out more but it seems that no one in Carraigmore is quite telling her the truth.
Kate with copy of Stargazing at the Book Launch

A Perfect Home a novel by Kate GlanvilleA Perfect Home a novel by Kate GlanvilleA PERFECT HOME

Her first novel, A Perfect Home, was published by Penguin 2012. It is available online and at stores nationwide, it has also been published as an e-book. The latest edition of A Perfect Home is available from Accent Press, July 2014. It is currently a Top 100 Bestseller on and is now available at Waterstones and WH Smiths.
On the face of it, Claire and William have a perfect marriage and family. They also have an impeccably restored cottage in the country that looks like it belongs in a magazine. It will be in a magazine, in fact: Idyllic Home plans to feature the house in its Christmas issue. But to meet its deadline, it‘s scheduling the photo shoot in two days – in the middle of a heat wave in July.

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