Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Meet the participants of the Llandeilo Book Fair Dec 10: Hayley "Haloquin" Addis

On December 10th the Llandeilo Book Fair opens at 10:00 am: with Hayley Addis performing “The Goblin Circus” , a reworking fairy-tales for children and adults.

Hayley "Haloquin" Addis is an Enchantress, weaving magic through words in storytelling and teaching about real Faery magic. She is the author of "Your Faery Magic" (non-fiction) and the creator of storytelling show The Goblin Circus(fantastical), with an illustrated storybook in the works! When not writing or making magic Hayley dances, studies for her Philosophy Doctorate and dabbles in arts and crafts. Despite running a circus she still can't juggle. 

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