Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Introducing the participants of the #LlandeiloBookFair: Publisher profile: Seren Books

I'm delighted to introduce Welsh publisher Seren to this blog. Seren provided the Lit Fest with several wonderful authors and they will be present at the Llandeilo Book fair both days.

Seren is Wales’ leading independent literary publisher, specialising in English-language writing from Wales. Many of our books are shortlisted for - and win - major literary prizes across the UK and America.
Our aim is not simply to reflect what is going on in the culture in which we publish, but to drive that culture forward, to engage with the world, and to bring Welsh literature, art and politics before a wider audience.
At the heart of our list is a good story told well or an idea or history presented interestingly or provocatively. We’re international in authorship and readership, though our roots remain here in Wales, where we prove that writers from a small country with an intricate culture have a worldwide relevance.
Since its beginnings in 1981, Seren has developed into one of the most interesting publishing houses in Britain. Based in Bridgend, Seren continues to nurture and publish new talent whose quality is recognised around the world.

Notable books they’ll be bringing along:

Iolo Williams’ stunning guidebook Wild Places

A new Writing Motherhood anthology, 

local author Maggie Harris’ short story collection Writing on Water.

They’ll also bring along
Keidrych Rhys’ The Van Pool, what with this being of local interest. 

And there’s Rhian Edwards’ new illustrated poetry pamphlet Brood

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