Thursday, 8 December 2016

Meet the participants of tomorrow's #Llandeilo Book Fair: Sarada Thompson

Sarada is an Indian artist and writer, resident in the U.K. since 1973 and in Wales since 1990. Born in Singapore she worked as a journalist for local newspapers. When she arrived in London, she looked set to read law, but then spent the next two decades raising a family; writing for the Northampton and Milton Keynes weeklies during this time.
She has exhibited her artwork in various venues in England and Wales and offered story-telling workshops through art, drama and writing in schools and universities; and also art therapy for mental health patients. The Hindu Story-Telling workshops also involved writing, as part of the National Curriculum in schools, colleges and universities.
Sarada has won awards in mini-tales in the ‘National Association of Writers’ Groups’ in Durham, the ‘Travel Award’ in 2009 and the ‘President’s Award’ in 2010 in the local writers’ circle and has had a few of her short stories published in both the University’s Anthology ‘Shadow Plays’ in 2010 and more recently in the local writer's group's ‘Athena’.
Most recently Sarada has published 'Meenakshi Devi -The Green Goddess -The Warrior Princess', the illustrated story of the famous ruler of Madurai, 'Savitri' and 'Ganesha - Ten Tales'.  She is a regular contributor to: www.

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