Programme of December Christmas Book Fair

9:45 am: The Llandeilo Town Band will open the event with festive music.
10:00 am: Book Fair opens with Hayley Addis: “The Goblin Circus” (children & adults) reworking fairy-tales
10:45 am: Will MacMillan Jones presents his ‘Enchanted Darkness,’ a performance for children and adults.
11:15 am: Wendy White, ‘Tir-nan-Og’ winner, reads from her children's book 'Welsh Cakes and Custard.'
11:45 am: Hugh W. Roberts reads “What If Summer Never Arrives” from his brand new book “Glimpses”
12:15 am: Colin R. Parsons reads his Christmas Story “Norman's Christmas Spirit”
12:45 am: Short Story Competition Award Ceremony.
1:00 p.m. Sharon Tregenza reads from her Middle Grade/Mystery Adventure “Shiver Stone”
1:00 p.m. Carol Lovekin reads from her magical novel ‘Ghostbird.’     
1:30 pm: Rachel McGrath reads from her children’s book ‘Willow and Coco meet Santa.’
2:00 pm: Poetry Readings. (Open Mic)
2:30pm:  Welsh Poem Recital Competition.
3:00 pm: Liz Riley-Jones reads from her Celtic fantasy novel ' Hiraeth a burden - baich' and talks about the significance of the Welsh Language in it.
3:30 pm: Graham Watkin reads from his best-selling mythology collection ‘Welsh Legends and Myths.’
4:00 pm: Kate Glanville reads from her novel ‘Stargazing.’
4:30 pm: Christoph Fischer reads from his Carmarthenshire-set murder mystery ‘The Body In The Snow.’
17:00: Book Fair closes with the announcement of Raffle Prize winners.
Catering by THE HANGOUT at the YARD Llandeilo (traditional, healthy and vegetarian options)

Gift Wrapping in aid of the Air Ambulance all day long

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